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Clay Pottery Kit for 3 – Craft Your Own Plant Pot at Home. Air Drying Clay


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“This Kit is for three people to make a plant pot head with our clay at home kit. No kiln or oven baking needed!

A great gift idea for a plant lovers, creatives and would be great company for the home office, who wouldn’t love a new lockdown pal.

We are so excited about our new clay, after trying and testing lots of different types we found this one to be the best. It is softer to work with than some of the leading brands meaning that is great for modelling. It contains a small amount of nylon fibres to give it strength if the clay is to be air dried but it can also withstand kiln firings up to stoneware temperatures.

With access to our step by step video tutorial you will be getting crafty in no time.

Check out the link below to watch just how easy it is

The box includes
3 bags of specialist air dry clay approx 900g
3 wooden tools
3 loop tool
2 tub of slip (clay glue)
2 tub of sealer
3 Paint Brush

You can also add an additional paint pack to finish your plant pot friend. We have picked out 3 different sets for you to choose from but if you want different colours please just drop us a message.


Paint Packs include 4 X 30ml paints, 1 paint brush and a paint pallet.

Primary Paint kit

Pastel Paint
Light Green
Light Purple
Light Teal
Light Blue

Gold & Green Kit
Light Green
Dark Green

* each pack of paints comes with a 5ml pot of White and Black.

**Acrylic paints listed separately if you want to choose your own colours take a look at our colours and let us know the numbers.″

Additional information


GoldGreen Paints, Just Clay Kit, Pastel Paints, Primary Paints


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Loved this!! I researched so many options for these kind of clay activity sets and was super pleased with my choice when it arrived ☺️ We got so much clay and so many tools to use and the packaging was honestly so lovely, this was such a great lockdown birthday activity but I can definitely see us doing this again in the future!


We really enjoyed this kit for date night. We made two small pots, waited a few days and then painted them. Really cute and easy to follow instructions on youtube.


I was so excited to get this for me and my husband! Lockdown has been repetitive and I really wanted us to try something creative. It came quickly and was packaged so well! I can’t wait for us to get stuck in! Thank you for offering this. It’s a little bit of joy during difficult times when we can just forget and create.


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