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A: Sealer is applied after using the acrylic paints once the clay has dried.

A: No the clay is not foodsafe, unless it is fired and glazed properly in a pottery kiln.

A: Yes the clay can be fired up to 1200 degrees.

A: No the clay is air hardening so no need to bake in the oven at home. If you wish to bake your clay to harden it properly this needs to be done in a pottery kiln. See question on kiln firing for more detail on this.

A: We do not recommend outdoor use unless kiln fired. Whilst the sealer provides some water resistance harsh wet weather conditions will cause the clay to disintegrate. 

A: Our kits are made to order so please allow 1-3 days for dispatch. Express orders are processed more quickly.

A: Free shipping is  2-3 business days. Express is 1-2 days.

A: Clay will last 3-6 month if correctly wrapped and sealed in packaging.